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Florals are the bona fide trademark of Spring. As for Autumn? You know it is on its way when you see a revival of Tortoiseshell. Since Tortoiseshell is most often seen in toasty Autumn shades, like caramel, it is primed to be the perfect accessory for the Fall season. Believe me, nothing says Fall nail art like Tortoiseshell nails!

What is the “tortoise-shell” trend?

The tortoiseshell print has long been a mainstay in the fashion world and is loved for its elegant, ultra-wearable nature and its ability to be matched with ease to any outfit you pair it with. In fact, it is so versatile that we’d practically call it a neutral. Now the tortoiseshell is moving beyond accessories and onto our nails. Tortoiseshell manicures have started popping up in our Instagram feed and they are beyond chic.

What’s so special about tortoiseshell nails?

STUNNING, right?!
Similar to the cow print nail trend and lava nails, tortoiseshell nail art designs are all about customization and finding what works best for you. We’ve seen looks in which people complete their whole manicure with the tortoiseshell design and others where there is a statement nail (or two) that brings the whole mani together. Part of the fun is getting creative, and the other part is knowing that whatever you end up choosing, it will all look amazing and chic AF. Not to mention, the blend of neutral dark brown, light brown, black and tan shades make this nail look the perfect accessory for any Fall outfit or makeup look.
The best part? Creating this look doesn’t have to be all that intimidating either. After tons of research, we found that the key is layering. Once you pick a neutral base color, apply one coat and then add a couple of random spots in a darker shade. Continue by adding another layer of your base color and then make smaller spots over your original design. For the second layer of dots, you will want to add a darker color to add depth and dimension. Ultimately, you continue this process until you get a design that resembles a tortoise shell. Sure, it might be a little tedious, but if you ask us, it’s totally worth it.

Why do I love tortoiseshell nails?

There is something about the speckled caramel design that feels destined to sit alongside chunky knits and cozy autumn shades. That’s why I am one hundred percent on board with the return of my favorite Autumn nail trend: tortoiseshell nails which are back in a big way for this year's Fall.
Tortoiseshell nails are popping up left and right on the runways and on Instagram. While summer brought a selection of crazy colorful nail art like tie-dye and confetti, fall is shaping up to be all about neutrals. Sure, muted colors aren't quite as eye-catching as neon, but the textured pattern on this manicure is what makes it stand out.
Tortoiseshell nail art allows the wearer to be both bold and muted, depending on the shade. Here at our top-rated nail salon in Spokane Valley, Washington 99206, we’re offering a bunch of nail colors and nail shades for you to experiment with. Check it out!
Tortoiseshell nail style is a little bit like the leopard-print nail designs, but it’s a lot more blurry. Tortoiseshell nail art has literally gone viral. It’s one of the most versatile print designs to do, which means it will match whatever you pick out of your wardrobe perfectly.

Closing thoughts!
70 years ago, Tortoiseshell was very modern, now it is again! The look has been seen in all sorts of accessories, from purses to sunglasses, so why not put it on your nails? This popular Fall-inspired print is now a trendy nail art style. Despite looking complicated, Tortoiseshell is actually a nail design you can try yourself at home.
No matter whether you are a professional or a beginner, make your own nails or prefer to go to a nail salon near me, there is something for every taste and level of experience. Your friends and family will absolutely love your gorgeous seasonal manicure!

Feel interested?
If you are looking for more fresh new nail inspiration for the Fall season, please follow our nail blog which was published by the well-trained and experienced nail technicians in Vanity Nail & Spa salon in Spokane Valley, Washington 99206!

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Nail art design of the day by Vanity Nails & Spa in Spokane Valley, Washington 99206

Nail art design of the day by Vanity Nails & Spa in Spokane Valley, Washington 99206

Nail art design of the day by Vanity Nails & Spa in Spokane Valley, Washington 99206

Nail art design of the day by Vanity Nails & Spa in Spokane Valley, Washington 99206

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